Stop smoking - Lose weight



The best way to lose weight fast! How to give up smoking!

You have taken the first step!

Oddly enough people often want to give up smoking and/or lose weight for similar reasons:-

* I want to feel good about myself. 

* Being more appealing to others.

* Starting dating again.

* Being healthier – there may be medical reasons to change - you will have a better chance of living longer.

* Less likely to acquire illnesses associated with weight gain and smoking. 

* Planning a family/being pregnant/having a new baby can help people want to stop smoking and/or lose the ‘baby bump’ that comes after.

* It could even be being able to fit on the rides with the kids or grand kids/small chairs in cafes.

*  Having a new relationship with a non smoker.

Every client is an individual and this is why I offer a Personalised Therapy package addressing the personal needs and reasons for change.

What is stopping you?

Sometimes a life change can be worrying in itself.

 - Can I do it?  

 - If my life changes (for better or worse) can I cope?

 - Will it rock the boat?

 Of course life may change, which is why we build confidence for the future into the session. 


The aim is to help a client to change into the person they want to be with the skills to deal with whatever the change may bring.

Can hypnotherapy work and what is the success rate?

The truth is that, with any therapist, the outcome is connected to how the individual client feels. 


If the client is 100% wanting change in their life there is a very good chance of success.

If someone is half hearted  or someone else is telling them they have to change the outcome will not be as good.  

There is no way of making someone change if they are not really keen to do it!  

I am more than happy to discuss your individual needs and would work out a therapy plan with you on meeting.



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