There is no grief like the grief that does not speak. - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Bereavement and Loss

Loss and Bereavement can affect people in many ways – whatever is happening for you is your way of dealing with the situation.   Any bereavement loss can cause pain .    It could be a relationship breakup. 


It can feel lonely, after the funeral, or after a relationship break up when people assume you are ‘moving on.’ A sense of loss can happen with redundancy, loss of job, impotence, disability and the feelings can be similar - even the loss of a dearly loved pet can be devastating.  

Although they care, friends and family may not understand that 'moving on' is not that simple when you have lost someone you care about.  

Sometimes people may avoid talking about it in order not to ‘upset’ you despite the fact that talking is exactly what you may want/need to do.  

When a partner dies/leaves the relationship may change when you remain friends with other couples. This can be difficult for the one left behind.  

Bereavement Counselling can offer the safe space to explore the feelings you are going through and to grieve in your own way and your own time.  

No one can replace the hole left in your life, however counselling can help you work towards peace.  

Sometimes the practical things of life – paying bills, having repairs done can seem like climbing a mountain and confidence can dip.  

Grief counselling can help In many relationships tasks are divided eg one is the financial person and the other is the one who understands the practical side and learning to develop those new skills can take time.  

We can work on this together – counselling does not mean forgetting the other person, and we would look at learning to be able to face and plan the future with confidence.  


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