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    "I'm not afraid of storms, for I'm learning how to sail my ship" Louisa May Alcott  

Clients have filled in anonymous feedback forms and these are some of the comments:- 

"A safe and calm place to talk through my issues, fears and worries."

"I liked the fact that I could talk to Sue in a safe and comfortable confidential environment.  Sue is very professional and caring and because of her objectivity I could look at my issues differently.  I managed to get some balance back by focussing on my issues in a different way. I also benefitted from the relaxation techniques."

"I liked everything about the sessions.  Especially how warm and understanding Sue was to my needs.  

 I have gained a lot - most of all I have got my confidence back and I am starting to enjoy life again.  Thank you for all your help Sue :)"

"I never thought that counselling would make such a difference ..... In all honesty I have never felt as good and as positive in my whole life .... you have given me the strength and confidence to get past my insecurity demons."

"I found the sessions very relaxing and enjoyed getting things off my chest , and exploring my problems in a safe, non-judgmental environment."

"Sue made me feel comfortable and relaxed."

" Thank  you Sue.  Life brings some tough challenges along the way + you really helped through a dark period in life.""I have just returned from holiday and I wanted to tell you of my flying experience.  I came to you in Summer 2011 in order to see if you could help me over the fear of flying.   I continued to listen to the CD you made for me at regular intervals, I was quite calm and did not get upset at any time even though it got quite turbulent and my partner was really impressed. Although flying will never be my favourite pastime I would like to thank you for giving me the confidence to tackle my phobia head on, and our lovely holiday wasn’t ruined by the travelling. Many thanks."

" I enjoyed being able to relax without any disturbances, having that time to escape into my thoughts for a little while."

" I would just like to thank you for all your support, you really helped and have made a huge difference to my life.  Thank you, best wishes." 

"A feeling that I'm the pilot and I can succeed."

"Relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.  Felt that Sue really cared about my problem and helping me to resolve it"  Reassured and comforted.

"I am now able to look at spiders and not as frightened as I was previously. I have attempted to move them!"

"I felt totally at ease speaking to Sue and able to tell her about my situation very easily, and I liked the calm way she listened to me."

" I feel that the sessions have made me a lot less anxious around spiders and I can now cope when I see one!"

" I liked the way Sue made me feel when we were talking.  I felt I could really open up."

"I liked the opportunity to talk without judgement, but also to be challenged and the calm environment - Thanks for your help!"

"Good understanding and prepared to challenge.  Made me think and face the issues.  Positive feelings during sessions"

"I only saw Sue twice but after the first session  I managed to sort myself out and am really a different person."

"Thank you for getting me back to the normal me."

" My condition has improved greatly and the sessions helped me understanding my problems and get on the road to recovery"

" Sue listened without judging ... and helped me through my problems - I feel a whole new confident me - Thank you Sue!"

"A calm and safe place to talk through my issues, worries and fears."

What did you gain from the experience?

  • I have gained more self confidence and feel comfortable with who I am.  Thanks for everything!
  • An inner understanding, a level of self awareness.
  • Techniques to help me relax.
  • Inner understanding, a level of self awareness.
  • Felt comfortable enough to talk about anything.
  • Always felt really positive and strong enough to face my fears.
  • I have never felt as good as I feel now.  I cannot thank you enough.
  • Sessions were good - helped to sort a lot of problems out.
  • Renewed enthusiasm to lose weight and particularly enjoyed the relaxation.
  • I am learning to like myself and to break away from long distant past.
  • A clearer sense of who I was and what I'd already achieved so far in life.
  • Confidence to get over my issue, felt like I wasn't alone and could be helped - very reassuring !!
  • Coping mechanism for negative past events, more self esteem + confidence + strength. 
  • I instantly felt relaxed and welcome.  I felt at ease.
  • Being able to talk about my feelings.
  • Inner relaxation and peace.
  • A time to talk and not be judged.
  • Closure and understanding of myself.
  • I felt I could open up to Sue and felt at ease.
  • I gained knowledge of being able to keep calm and using tecniques to control situations.
  • helped me feel comfortable and able to say what I felt.
  • Able to be more positive and not punish myself and my life is so much better.
  • Space to think and reflect and a feeling of being understood.
  • Positive thoughts, feelings of confidence to putting phobia behind me.  Personally motivating.
  • Being able to realise that I already have the strength and determination within me - thank you x
  • I gained the opportunity to approach my issues full on.  I was able to reflect on issues and provide logic to issues within my personal life.
  • Deeper insight about my personal problems, recognition that it isn't me.  Clarity about looking forward.
  • More confidence, assertiveness and the ability to make decisions.
  • Definitely recommend, I've learnt many skills including self assessment.
  • I was very happy with the therapy received and, if required in the future, would not hesitate to return.
  • I would recommend your sessions.  Very easy to talk to, professional and caring.
  • Very good informative, relaxing sessions that made me feel I would achieve my goal.
  • Sue was good at listening, patient and a very good counsellor.
  • Someone who listens - would come to you again - thanks Sue.
  • I felt like Sue really wanted to help, and she has.
  • Each session was only an hour, however, I felt there was someone alongside constantly.
  • Able to talk about anything.  Confidence and Self worth.
  • Sue helped me feel comfortable and able to say what I felt.
  • I gained insight into my own abilities, into how to alter my perceptions, expectations and not to be too judgemental of self and others.
  • I was made very comfortable straight away and eager to return for more support.
  • How I ever had doubts over counselling I will never know - it has changed my life.
  • Very comfortable + relaxing and feeling 'safe'to talk.
  • I could open up and talk about anything.  Very relaxing and very caring.
  • helped me to start working on my issues.
  • I felt relaxed and secure.  Felt comfortable discussing personal issues.
  • V friendly, comfortable and warm environment, I really felt I could say anything freely.
  • The relaxed atmosphere which put you at ease to open up without fear.
  • Comfortable warm environment - completely at ease.
  • Allowed me to talk to someone detached from me who would guide me through my thoughts.
  • I liked the pleasant cosy room.
  • Warm, calming atmosphere.  Friendly introduction.
  • That I felt comfortable being able to talk in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • I liked the relaxed atmosphere and the way questions provided opportunities to see things from different perspectives.
  • very relaxing experience.
  • Felt I could be myself.
  • Sue had good understanding.
  • Relaxed and comfortable atmosphere - easy to talk.
  • The feeling of calm and being with someone who understood how I felt and was empathetic and helpful.
  • Felt comfortable and relaxed, able to talk openly and freely knowing that somebody was listening. 
  • How quick and effective therapy was - structure of therapy kept things on track.

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